Sushi, Craft Beer, Open mic

November 9 @ 8:00 pm – 2:00am
| $10.00 Cover

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Tim Motzer,Guitar
David Dzubinski,Keyboards
Tom Spiker,Bass
G.CalvinWeston,Drums and Trumpet.

About Me:
G.CALVIN WESTON has played with ornette coleman,james blood ulmer,john lurie and the lounge lizards,vernon reid,jamaaldean tacuma, james carter john lurie, marc ribot,medeski,martin&wood,tricky,eyvind kang ,kato hideki,skerik,less claypool,jeff monjack,tom spiker,jonas hellborg,aydin esesn,doug wimbish,mark benebentio,marshall allen,matt shipp,melvin gibbs,jean paul bourelly micheal geggery,odean pope,warren oree,tyrome brown,rasheed ali,amin ali,
the late derek baily,john zorn,billy martin,john john medeski,chris wood,dj,logic,dave fuze,jonas hellborg,david murrary,oliver lake,steven bernstein trevor dunn,uri cane,and the world. Some whom have witnessed G CALVIN WESTON unparalleled instrumentation
takes listeners through a series of emotional compositions ,which pay homage to
the rich history of jazz,pan-african music and the avant-garde.
Driven by the spirit of improvisation and polyrhythmic signatures calvin’s drumming delivers a highiy captivating and interactive groove.
He comes out smoking from the beginning and by the end of the set the entire audience felt like they had a work out.Daniel Piotrowski-of Jazztimes&Philly Weekly.(INFLUENCES) BILLY COBHAM,LENNY WHITE,DENNIS CHAMBERS,MICHAEL WALDEN,BUDDY MILES,STEVE GADD,ORNETTE COLEMAN,JAMES(BLOOD)ULMER,JOHN LURIE,RETURN TO FOREVER,MAHAVISHNU ORCHESRA…G.CALVIN WESTON PLAYS PEARL MASTER STUDIO DRUMS&ZK CYMBALS.Calvin Weston Discography
Ornette Coleman – “Of Human Feelings” – Columbia Records 1979
James Blood Ulmer – “Are You Glad To Be In America?” –
Artist House 1980
James Blood Ulmer – “Black Rock” – CBS 1982
James Blood Ulmer – “Free Lancing” – CBS 1981
George Adams / James Blood Ulmer Quarter –
“Jazzbuhne Berlin ’85″ – Repertoire 1990
James Blook Ulmer / George Adams / Phalanx –
“Got Something Good For You” – Moers Music 1986
Grant Calvin Weston – “Dance Romance” – In+Out 1995
Ornette Coleman – “In All Languages” – Acoustilog Studios 1987
Ornette Coleman & Prime Time – “Virgin Beauty” – 1988
James Blood Ulmer – “Black & Blues” – 1990
The James Blood Ulmer Blues Experience – “Blues Allnight” – In+Out 1990
John Lurie National Orchestra – “Men With Sticks” – 1993
Tricky – “Angels With Dirty Faces” – Island 1998
The Lounge Lizards – “Queen of All Ears”
Eyvind Kang on Dying Ground Live at the Knitting Factory – 1997
Derek Baily / Jamaaladeen Tacuma / Calvin Weston –
“Mirakle” – Orange Music 1999
John Lurie – “African Swim and Manny Lo” – 1999
James Carter – “Layin’ In The Cut” – Atlantic 2000

Marc Ribot,Trevor dunn,G.Calvin Weston,Asmodeus Book of ANGELS VOLUME 7,Music of JOHN ZORN-2006-TZADIK MUSIC Vernon Reid,JamalaadeanTacuma-G .CALVIN WESTON-FREEFORMFUNKYFREQS-.URBAN MYTHOLOGY VOLUME 1-THIRSTY EAR RECORDS-2007

Get Shorty – 1995
Excess Baggage – 1997
Blue In The Face – 1995
Clay Pigeons – 1998
Box of Moonlight – 1997


Drums Played
pearl drums&zk,cymbals


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