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    The art of Sushi Making

    Madame Saito, Queen of Sushi The HeadHouse Café 122 Lombard Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147 (215)922-2515 [Restaurant] (215)815-8266 [Madame Saito Cell] Sushi Class with Madame Saito: Learn to make your own sushi, eat what you make, and take home a surprise! Making Sushi Rice Ingredients: Vinegar Dressing: – 3 cups short grain rice (Kokuho Rice) – 8 tablespoons rice vinegar (Marukan) – ½ teaspoon salt (Morton) – 3 ½ cups water Tools: – ZARU – a colander or a sieve – NABE – rice cooker – HANKIRI – a wooden Japanese mixing bowl made of Sawara Cypress – UCHIWA – paper fan – FUKIN – four white kitchen towels Total cooking time: About 1 hour – Each cup of uncooked rice will make 3 cups of cooked sushi rice, which will be enough for 9 sushi maki. Instructions: 1) Wash the rice until the water runs clear, and then place the rice in a large colander (ZAUR) and drain for 30 minutes. 2) Place the drained rice in the rice cooker (NABE) and add water. Use a wooden paddle to even out the level of rice. Place the lid on the cooker and bring to a boil over medium heat. 3) Once at a boil, stir the rice with the paddle to avoid burning. Cover the rice once again, and lower the burner. 4) Cook for 20 minutes until water is gone. Turn off the heat and let simmer for 10 minutes. 5) While the rice is cooking,[…]

  • Happy New Years Ever 3 Course Menu ONLY $45.00

    Happy New Years Ever 3 Course Menu ONLY $45.00 Includes a glass of wine, sake, or a craft beer. First Course – Ginger Salad or Chicken Chowder Soup. Second Course – Appetizers – Your Choice of: California Roll (8pcs), Brasided Chicken Wings w/ red cabbage and red wine sauce (5pcs), Beef Negimayaki / Beef Sirlion w/ green onion. Third Course – Entrees! Your Choice of: Sushi Combo / 8pcs of Spicey Tuna Roll and 4pcs Nigiri (tuna, salmon, white tuna, and broiled eil), Salmon Filet baked in parchment paper w/ vegetable and white wine, Thai Styled Chicken Curry w/ brown rice.

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    11/15/13 – The HeadHouse 122 Lombard Street, Philly (Upstairs Lounge) Catullus, Montoj & DJ Double D $10.00 Cover 8pm – 2am

    $10 CoverDrink Specials All Night:$4 PBR$5 Yuengling Lagers $6 Well Drinks, Glasses of Wine, Yeager and/or Vodka Bombs Vendor Tables $25. Message Tim McGuire ~Catullus~~ Chris Bailey – Bass Michael “Spawn” Fazekas – Drums Justin Minnick – Keys/Synths Andrew Meehan – Guitar Anthony Zinno – Aux. Percussions Emerging out of Philadelphia supplying genre defying music whether it be rock, funk, jazz, progressive, or electronic. Catullus is an up and coming, genre defying band surfacing out of the Philadelphia music scene. Comprised of five talented musicians with a drive to create more than just music, Catullus aims to ignite a vibe that makes each experience and show special. Each member brings something unique to the table resulting in the end product; an unparalleled sound! Breaking the gridlocks of society’s label on “genres”, Catullus successfully blends a flavorful pocket of progressive, funk, electronic dance grooves, and good ol’ fashioned rock n roll. Appearing regionally and locally throughout the Philadelphia, and Montgomery County music scenes these guys have shared the stage with the likes of Conspirator, Papadosio, Brother’s Past, Jesse Miller (Lotus), Psychedelphia, Flux Capacitor, The Dirk Quinn Band, and Splintered Sunlight to name a few. Keep up with Facebook and Reverbnation for upcoming events, studio material and news!  ~~Montoj~~ Montoj (pronounced Montage) is testing the limits of the status quo with interesting melodic progressions, beautiful guitar harmony interplay, and warm vocal blends. Montoj wants push the norm and challenge the mainstream with its raw and in your face sound. Montoj is a[…]

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    11/09/13 – (Upstairs Lounge) G.Calvin Weston’s Flying Colours $10. Cover 9pm-2am

    November 9 @ 8:00 pm – 2:00am | $10.00 Cover Facebook Event page – Tim Motzer,Guitar David Dzubinski,Keyboards Tom Spiker,Bass G.CalvinWeston,Drums and Trumpet. About Me: G.CALVIN WESTON has played with ornette coleman,james blood ulmer,john lurie and the lounge lizards,vernon reid,jamaaldean tacuma, james carter john lurie, marc ribot,medeski,martin&wood,tricky,eyvind kang ,kato hideki,skerik,less claypool,jeff monjack,tom spiker,jonas hellborg,aydin esesn,doug wimbish,mark benebentio,marshall allen,matt shipp,melvin gibbs,jean paul bourelly micheal geggery,odean pope,warren oree,tyrome brown,rasheed ali,amin ali, the late derek baily,john zorn,billy martin,john john medeski,chris wood,dj,logic,dave fuze,jonas hellborg,david murrary,oliver lake,steven bernstein trevor dunn,uri cane,and the world. Some whom have witnessed G CALVIN WESTON unparalleled instrumentation takes listeners through a series of emotional compositions ,which pay homage to the rich history of jazz,pan-african music and the avant-garde. Driven by the spirit of improvisation and polyrhythmic signatures calvin’s drumming delivers a highiy captivating and interactive groove. He comes out smoking from the beginning and by the end of the set the entire audience felt like they had a work out.Daniel Piotrowski-of Jazztimes&Philly Weekly.(INFLUENCES) BILLY COBHAM,LENNY WHITE,DENNIS CHAMBERS,MICHAEL WALDEN,BUDDY MILES,STEVE GADD,ORNETTE COLEMAN,JAMES(BLOOD)ULMER,JOHN LURIE,RETURN TO FOREVER,MAHAVISHNU ORCHESRA…G.CALVIN WESTON PLAYS PEARL MASTER STUDIO DRUMS&ZK CYMBALS.Calvin Weston Discography Ornette Coleman – “Of Human Feelings” – Columbia Records 1979 James Blood Ulmer – “Are You Glad To Be In America?” – Artist House 1980 James Blood Ulmer – “Black Rock” – CBS 1982 James Blood Ulmer – “Free Lancing” – CBS 1981 George Adams / James Blood Ulmer Quarter – “Jazzbuhne Berlin ’85″ – Repertoire 1990 James Blook Ulmer / George Adams / Phalanx[…]

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    11/02/13 – (Upstairs Lounge) Emmett Drueding, Bastards of Earle, Curtis Cooper, Mark Macmanus & Ado James and the Trading Company $5.00 Cover

    Emmett Drueding – Mark Macmanus – Ado James – Bastards of Earle: Curtis Cooper: And Friends you never know who is going to rage the stage!!!! Come on out and stay away from the SAKE BOMBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The Days of a Sriracha Black Market Are Approaching

    Because residents of Irwindale are experiencing things like burning throats, eyes, and some pesky headaches from exposure to fumes emanating from the Sriracha hot sauce factory, the company is facing a shutdown from the city. And now the hot sauce’s CEO and founder is warning of us dark times ahead which may include a shortage and price hike. “If the city shuts us down, the price of Sriracha will jump up a lot,” CEO and Huy Fong Foods founder David Tran told The Los Angeles Times. Huy Fong foods makes the legendary sauce. The nation now faces a Sophie’s choice: is the health of 30-or-so Irwindaliens more important than the exquisite burn of the rooster sauce? Would we rather have spiced eggs and salty-spicy soups or some clear-eyed Angelenos? Is our dependency on this wondrous sauce stronger than our fidelity to our brothers and sisters who live in L.A.? The answer isn’t clear right now. The plant processes raw material for about one quarter of the year and is struggling to meet demand, The Los Angeles Times reports. Considering the demand — there were 20 million bottles sold last year — a shutdown could result in a real Sriracha shortage. If that happens, hoarding and selling bottles wouldn’t be a bad idea. The savior in this whole predicament could be a $600,000 contraption which burns the fumes/air. “Burning the pepper air just didn’t seem safer. Maybe we didn’t move fast enough, but it’s a big business expense and we want to make[…]

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    10/30/13 – “Center City Social” — at The HeadHouse on Wednesday — FREE event

    Wednesday, October 30, 2013 7:30 PM The HeadHouse 122 Lombard Street, Philadelphia, PA (map) We will be gathering in the front room as you enter. Look for MeetUp signs or call me — David 215.280.0428 Friends – we are starting a new series of events within our Group called “Center City Socials” that will be Meet & Greet events geared towards our members that are 35+ in age. Everyone is welcome to attend, no one will be turned away, but please keep in mind that we are encouraging our 35+ members to join us for social events at comfortable locations. event: CENTER CITY SOCIAL date & time: Wednesday October 30th at 7:30pm location: The HeadHouse address: 122 Lombard Street, Philadelphia cost: FREE to Attend This is a FREE event to attend, but everyone is responsible for any food & drinks they order. Besides meeting & socializing, on Wednesdays there is an acoustic Open Mic at The HeadHouse which is mainly local musicians performing folk music.  You will NOT be expected to perform (unless you want to), but I felt the acoustic Open Mic would make for a relaxing and fun backdrop for our CENTER CITY SOCIAL event. I will also be inviting several other MeetUp groups to join us for these CENTER CITY SOCIAL events.  And I hope that many of you will also invite your friends to join us as well, the more the merrier! FREE PARKING on Wednesdays There is FREE PARKING on the streets of this neighborhood[…]