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Free Tours : Friday 5PM Saturday 2PM 635 South Main Street Pittston, PA 18640

Susquehanna Brewing Company delivers prosperity and enjoyment to our Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA) customers and consumers through our quality, craft beers made locally in an environmentally responsible fashion.


We’re beer people. It’s in our blood. 6th generation and going strong. Back before it was hip to brew beer, our grandfathers’ grandfathers spent time crafting the perfect, drinkable beer right here in northeastern Pennsylvania. The beer brewing torch has been passed down, and now it’s our turn. To make the kind of beer you can enjoy all day long, if you’re so inclined. And we have to admit, sometimes we are very, very inclined.

We brew our beer for the good people of northeastern Pennsylvania. We work hard. We hang out on the weekends. We tell good stories and laugh a little bit too loud . And while not everyone knows the difference between a pilsner and a lager, that’s okay. Because they certainly know what tastes damn good. And what doesn’t. They can go ahead and leave the rest up to us. We won’t let them down.

What We’re Brewing

We have the capability to produce a diverse portfolio of artisanal beers. Our thinking is to start out with three distinct and refreshing products. Other beers will quickly follow to include a palette of seasonal and special brews.

  • hopfive

    HopFive IPA

    Our IPA sparkles with effervescence, the result of natural bottle conditioning, a process where the beer is double-fermented in each bottle or keg. Brewed with a blend of five hop varieties; Bravo, Willamette, Mount Hood, English Progress, and as-harvested whole-cone Liberty Hops. Susquehanna HOPFIVE IPA presents a floral, Pine-like, aroma and full hop flavor. The beer features a signature golden glow.

  • oktoberfest_web

    Oktoberfest (Seasonal)

    Features all Two Row Barley malt and Crystal Malts for a deep amber color and slightly toasted flavor.
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  • pilsnoir


    We are pleased to share our innovative black Pilsner, Pils-Noir. Made from Pearl (Winter) barley, malted for us by Munton’s, CaraMalt and Crystal malts, prepared using our unique, husk-free milling process.
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  • goldencoldlager

    Goldencold Lager

    Goldencold Lager is our refreshing, German-inspired beer. Brewed with Pilsner malt and a small amount of Sauermalz to bring out a traditional, rounded note.
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  • 6thgenstockale

    6th Generation Stock Ale

    Stock ales were once common among America’s family run breweries. 6th Generation Stock Ale features a unique blend of Pearl, Tipple, Crystal and Maris Otter malts from the venerable British malt house, Muntons.
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